WasteLocate QR2id location plates

Waste and recycling facilities receiving certain quantities of asbestos waste or waste tyres must buy and display QR2id location plates from WasteLocate so transporters can record the delivery of the waste.

WasteLocate allows the waste industry to meet its obligations under clauses 76 and 79 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 for the transport and delivery of asbestos waste and waste tyres in NSW.

As part of this system, waste and recycling facilities must display a WasteLocate plate or plates with a unique QR2id code for their facility if they accept, in a single load

  • waste tyres with a total weight of more than 200 kilograms, or 20 or more tyres
  • more than 100 kilograms of asbestos waste, or more than 10 square metres of waste asbestos sheeting

WasteLocate applies across all NSW for transporting waste tyres or asbestos waste within NSW.

Find out what to do if accepting waste tyres or asbestos waste from another state or territory.

The use of QR2id plates is mandatory for facilities receiving waste tyres or asbestos waste.

To get your personalised weather resistant plate or plates

You can also phone or email Amtac Professional Services if you have problems accessing WasteLocate.

  • Multiple location plates can be installed at the one facility at different heights to allow scanning from the cab of light and heavy vehicles.
  • Your QR2id plate or plates should be displayed prominently, accessibly and clearly at your entrance or weighbridge so drivers can easily scan them for waste tracking purposes.
  • All QR2id plates are registered to a specific location using GPS technology. Every consignment is accompanied by a unique electronic code to enable transporters to record movements of waste tyres or asbestos waste within NSW. This information is then automatically provided to the EPA in real time.

Note that you

  • do not have to register on WasteLocate to buy plates
  • must report any transporter not scanning the QR2id plate to the EPA

Download the QR2id Location Plate Installation Factsheet (PDF 1MB) for more information on QR2id plates.

  • Do not turn away a load because the individual has not scanned your QR2id plate. If they have created a consignment in WasteLocate, they also have the option of using the plate’s serial number as an alternative to scanning (see plate for details).
  • You do not have to interact with the person that has not scanned your QR2id plate, but it may be useful to inform them of WasteLocate.
  • You do have to record basic information about these loads for the EPA.

Information to be provided to the EPA is

  • the date and time of delivery of the load
  • the vehicle registration number

Provide this information to the EPA

PO Box A290, Sydney South, NSW 1232 (unless otherwise authorised by an EPA officer).

QR2id plates are also used by some waste tyre generators such as retail outlets where regular or after hours pick-ups are made, allowing the transporter to quickly scan the plate and select the consignments assigned to them. The use of QR2id plates is optional for waste tyre generators.

Download the Tyre outlet optional QR2id location plates fact sheet (PDF 301KB)

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