Upload and download

Receiving facilities with their own tracking systems that meet the EPA’s stringent requirements can upload transport certificate (TC) data from the online waste tracking system (OWT).

Email Hazardous.materials@epa.nsw.gov.au to obtain specifications and the approval process for TC data upload.

Uploading data

  • Only receiving authorities with tracking systems approved by the EPA and a ‘create/update with consignment authorisation’ role in OWT can upload data.
  • Only TC data can be uploaded.
  • Only TC data for waste which can be lawfully accepted by the receiving facility can be uploaded. 
  • Data must be uploaded in XML format.
  • Rejected waste and TC discrepancy reports cannot be uploaded.
  • Check that all TCs are correct before uploading. Uploaded TCs cannot be updated, edited or terminated.
  • When data does not comply with specifications, the system rejects the whole upload file and displays a table of errors.  These must be fixed before the next upload attempt.
  • Data must be uploaded once only. Repeated uploads will be rejected by the system. Once uploaded, data cannot be overwritten.
  • Data more than 3-months-old cannot be uploaded.
  • A maximum of 1000 records may be uploaded in each file.

Downloading data

  • Any user (receiving facility, transporter, agent, producer) with OWT user access and a ‘create/update’ role can download their TC data: see user roles and privileges.
  • Only TC data can be downloaded.  
  • Data is downloaded in XML or CSV format.


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