Community organisations: waste and recycling

Dealing with unwanted electronic goods

Many community and charitable organisations find themselves dealing with unwanted household computers and televisions they cannot sell or give away. For information about reusing, recycling or disposing of these items, see:

Exemptions from the waste levy for community organisations

An exemption from the waste levy may be claimed by charities and not-for-profit groups performing a community service that involves collecting or receiving waste. The exemption – called a ‘Community Service Exemption’ – applies to wastes which are not ordinarily the responsibility of the organisation. The exemption helps to alleviate some of the burden associated with managing this waste.

The exemption applies to waste collected as part of direct voluntary action (such as Clean Up Australia Day) or that which is incidental to a community service (an activity that benefits the NSW community or environment and is undertaken voluntarily), such as unusable goods (waste) collected from community donations.

The exemption does not apply to wastes generated by an organisation in the normal course of its business.

How to apply for a Waste Levy Community Service Exemption

The organisation collecting or receiving the waste must make an application to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Pilot program to reduce illegal dumping on charitable recyclers

The EPA is working with charitable recyclers and local councils on a pilot program to target the problem of illegal dumping on charitable recyclers. This program is funded through the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More using funds derived from the waste levy.

Following the pilot program, best practice guidelines for charitable recyclers will be developed.

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