The Waste and Resource Reporting Portal

Our portal is designed to help you submit your Waste Contribution Monthly Report online.

The EPA’s Waste and Resource Reporting Portal (WARRP) is an online reporting tool designed to facilitate the submission of the Waste Contribution Monthly Report (WCMR).

Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act), all licence holders of levy liable waste facilities (ie. landfills, waste recycling facilities, waste storage, and waste transfer facilities) must submit the following reports to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

  • waste contribution monthly report
  • landfill facility information certificate (LFIC)
  • volumetric survey report

Licensed waste facilities that are not required to pay the levy as well as landfills not located within the regulated area of NSW are required to submit an Annual Waste Report (AWR) to the EPA.


The NSW Waste and Resource Reporting Portal (WARRP) User Guide (PDF 3.5MB) provides facilities with details on how to use the WARRP, including step by step instructions on how to complete and submit a WCMR. 

Access the WARRP via the EPA website.

Data supplied electronically will be protected from unauthorised access. Users will need a username and password to access the system and to be authorised to view, edit and certify data.

Data supplied electronically to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will be accessible only to the user providing the data and relevant EPA officers. The system will keep an audit trail of all users accessing and editing reports. There will be no opportunity for users to view reports or data provided by other users.

However, data collected in monthly returns will be aggregated and trends reported publicly in EPA annual reports, State of the Environment reports and other relevant waste publications. The online system allows this to occur quickly and gives users fast and ready access to the information. 

See the EPA commitment to privacy and security.

To obtain or change your user name or password, contact the EPA's Waste Data Unit at

Your user privileges determine the functions you can use in online waste reporting and are administered by the EPA. The occupier of the waste facility must nominate the user privileges to be assigned to each individual who will have access to the facility's waste reports within the online system.

Types of users

  • Viewer: can view the reports but cannot edit or perform any other function in reports apart from print.
  • Editor: can view, create, edit and perform all functions in reports but cannot e-certify reports. 
  • e-Certifier: can view, create, edit and perform all functions in reports and e-certify and submit reports online to the EPA. 

Scheduled facilities in the MLA or RLA

If no waste was received in the period, you are still required to create and submit the report with no data entered (a 'nil' report). A nil report must still be e-certified by an EPA-approved e-certifier (see ‘User privileges’).

If you e-certify the report, you will be asked to acknowledge and certify certain information (see ‘e-Certifier legal responsibilities’).

Scheduled facilities in the rest of NSW

If no waste was received in the month from the MLA or RLA, you are not required to submit a nil monthly report.

All scheduled facilities – claiming a deduction

If no waste was received in the month but you want to claim a deduction for waste leaving the facility, you must also complete the deductions section of the monthly report and submit it to the EPA.


  1. If your scheduled waste facility is located in the RLA and you receive waste from both the MLA and the RLA regions, you must report on these waste streams separately within your WCMRs
  2. If your scheduled waste facility is located in the rest of NSW, is licensed and you receive waste from the MLA or RLA, you must report on these waste streams separately within your WCMRs.

Certain wastes may be exempted from calculation of the levy under clause 21 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 (referred to as the 2014 Waste Regulation).

Reporting is required by the 26th day of each month, immediately after the relevant reporting period. The levy payment is required on the 26th day of the month following the month in which reporting is due. For example, if the reporting period is July 2017, the July report would be due on 26 August 2017 and the levy payment due on 26 September 2017.

Failure to submit a report

Maximum penalty for failing to submit a WCMR as required

  • for a corporation: 200 penalty units
  • for an individual: 100 penalty units.

See clause 22 of the 2014 Waste Regulation.

Failure to pay the levy

Failure to pay the waste levy as required and within the time prescribed by the EPA is an offence carrying heavy penalties.

Maximum penalty

  • for a corporation: $1,000,000 and for ongoing offences, a further penalty of $120,000 for each day the offence continues
  • for an individual: $250,000 and for ongoing offences, a further penalty of $60,000 for each day the offence continues.

Unpaid and late payments attract interest in the amount set out in clause 25 of the 2014 Waste Regulation.

The EPA reviews all e-certified waste contribution reports to check for completeness and, as far as can be ascertained, the accuracy of information provided. Some internal processing of the data is also undertaken at this stage. The EPA will contact you with any queries arising from the review.

Important: The review is not an audit and does not constitute approval of your report. The information provided in your report, including the calculation of the contribution payable, can be audited by the EPA at any time.


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