Strategic waste action plan tool

The EPA works with local governments to make it easier for householders and businesses to reduce waste and recycle more. The Local Government Strategic Waste Action Plan (LGSWAP) Tool helps councils collect and analyse waste data, evaluate their waste action plans and make progress toward the NSW Government's waste diversion targets.

The Local Government Strategic Waste Action Plan (LGSWAP) Tool is a Microsoft Excel-based software application that helps councils analyse and predict waste generated and waste diverted from landfill.

Download the tool

Use the tool to analyse council waste data

Councils can use the tool to

  • collate their waste data
  • analyse their current waste performance
  • identify areas for improvement
  • predict changes that would result if a council modifies its waste systems and practices

You can use generic data or, for more tailored and accurate results, use specific data from your waste audits.

Evaluate waste action plans

The LGSWAP Tool is also useful for council's planning purposes. You can use the tool to

  • help develop a new waste action plan
  • evaluate an existing plan
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