Waste levy compliance audits

The EPA is responsible for ensuring the correct amount of waste levy is paid by scheduled waste facilities required to pay levy contributions, and that reporting obligations are met.

Th EPA ensures effective and robust regulation by conducting audits and investigations, site inspections, surveillance, education activites and stakeholder engagement.

Issues identified during investigations include

  • insufficient weighbridge data to show the type and quantity of waste received and removed from a facility
  • the use of inconsistent transaction weights for completing Waste Contribution Monthly Reports, for example combining vehicle conversion factors and weighed amounts
  • facility weighbridge records that are missing manual dockets, cancelled dockets and third party weighed amounts
  • on-site generated waste being incorrectly claimed as a transported waste deduction
  • lack of standard procedures or acceptable methods for determining the weight of waste in the event of weighbridge failure
  • inadequate tracking and management of waste materials used for operational purposes such as the construction of roads inside the licensed area

Licensees must maintain adequate records so levy calculations and deductions can be justified. The EPA complicance policy is used to assess and rectify any over payments or under payments.

For more information contact wastelevy.compliance@epa.nsw.gov.au

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