Online waste tracking

The EPA’s online waste tracking system helps industry track hazardous waste. Online waste tracking reduces paperwork, makes it easier to comply with legislation and enables users to quickly and easily track a load of waste being transported from a waste producer to a receiving facility.

The Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS) is replacing the Online Waste Tracking and WasteLocate systems for tracking and reporting on hazardous and other regulated waste. The transition timeline will be announced soon.

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The online waste tracking system can be used to track waste movements:

  • within NSW
  • from interstate to waste facilities in NSW.

Tracking waste from NSW to an interstate facility or overseas

Tracking requirements for hazardous waste being transported within NSW and between NSW and other states and territories is regulated under Part 4 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014.

Who can use the online waste tracking system?

You can use the online waste tracking system if you are involved in tracking and transporting hazardous waste.

Apply for a user name and password.

Why use online waste tracking?

Use of the system is not compulsory, but it makes waste tracking:

  • easier as most data needed to create accurate consignment authorisations (CAs) and waste transport certificates (TCs) is selected from drop-down menus
  • simpler as most of the information needed to create TCs is stored in the system
  • sustainable as a single TC printed from the online waste tracking system is the only tracking documentation needed to accompany waste being transported
  • quicker as the waste tracking process can be viewed on the online system, overcoming the need for phone calls, emails and faxes to confirm that the waste has arrived at, and is being processed by, the receiving facility
  • less onerous as users of the online waste tracking system do not have to submit quarterly reports to the EPA
  • easier for record keeping as paper transport documents do not have to be retained for 4 years.

What if my business does not have internet access?

Waste producers and waste transporters who do not have internet access can still have their waste tracked online if the receiving facility can use the online waste tracking system.

The receiving facility can enter all the necessary information into the system and generate the printed TC to accompany the waste while it is being transported.

What happens if the online waste tracking system is not available?

If the online waste tracking system is not available when:

  • waste is picked up, the pick-up details can be recorded by hand on the TC and the receiving facility can enter the details online when the waste arrives
  • a CA or waste TC needs to be created or updated, the actions taken can be recorded on paper and entered into the system later.

Privacy and security

Data supplied electronically through the online waste tracking system is:

  • protected from unauthorised access – users need a user name and password to access the system and need to be authorised to view and edit data
  • accessible only to the relevant users and EPA officers – users cannot view data on CAs or TCs in which they do not have a role
  • secure – the system is designed to protect commercially sensitive information.

However, online waste tracking data is reported on regularly in EPA annual reports and other relevant waste publications.

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