Native forestry

We regulate the native forestry industry in NSW. Learn about how we maintain the quality of soils and water, our work to protect precious habitat for our native wildlife, and how we enforce the rules for sustainable timber production.

EPA officer in the field, inspecting forestry operations

Overview of native forestry in NSW

The native forests of NSW are one of our most valuable assets, benefitting the community, wildlife, and the economy. Here are the ways we work with all of NSW to protect them.

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EPA officers in the field, inspecting forestry operations

Regulating native forestry

We regulate native forestry operations on both public and private land in NSW. Our compliance program aims to protect the environment while enabling the sustainable supply of native timber.

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Forestry and EPA officers checking bushland

Our response to complaints in closed State Forests

NSW State Forests are sometimes lawfully closed for a range of reasons, especially safety concerns. EPA officers may enter closed forests to carry out regulatory actions.

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Forestry and EPA officers checking bushland after a bushfire

Bushfire affected forestry operations

More than 40% of the coastal and tablelands native State Forests in NSW were burnt in the 2019-20 bushfires.

Find out about our precautionary approach to forestry in bushfire-affected forests.

Aerial of Coopernook State Forest

Mapping and research

Read our koala habitat and occupancy mapping and threatened ecological communities mapping research

Our research

Clearing in forest, with dirt track on the right hand side

Private native forestry

Private native forestry (PNF) is the management of native vegetation on private property for sustainable logging and timber production.

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EPA and Forestry Corporation NSW officers inspecting forest area

Public native forestry

Native forestry on public land is mostly in state forests, and includes timber harvesting and thinning, constructing access roads, burning, grazing, and other activities.

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EPA Officer consulting Forestry workers on site, Coopernook State Forest

Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals

IFOAs set environmental rules for how forestry operations can be carried out in State Forests and Crown Timber Lands in NSW.

Learn how we inspect and regulate these operations.