Community engagement

The EPA produces a range of draft policies, agreements and reports that call for community involvement, engagement and consultation.

How we engage with the community

The community plays an essential part in preventing environmental harm and protecting human health. As an environmental leader, partner and protector  we strive to:

  • listen and understand your needs and priorities so we can consider these in our decision making
  • develop respectful and productive relationships with you to enable us to work effectively together.
  • provide timely and relevant information, especially during significant or emergency events where there is potential for harm to the environment or human health
  • offer education, scientific advice, technical expertise and support so that you can make informed decisions that impact positively on the environment.
Two EPA officers sampling soil

Community news

Updates on issues we are currently managing.

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Person typing at laptop, having their say

Have your say

How you can have your say on environmental initiatives that matter to you.

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a group of young people sitting around a table

Engaging with young people

We are strengthening our relationship with young people and listening to their views on the environment.

Engaging with young people

Engagement framework circle

Engagement framework

Designed to bring community, customers and partners together to share ideas and collaborate.

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Roadshows participants

Community committees

Enable us to gain essential insight and understanding into the issues affecting local communities.

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Map showing potential PFAS contaminated sites in NSW

PFAS investigation

See a map of sites that may be contaminated with PFAS, learn how to reduce your exposure to PFAS checmicals, and read about our investigation of the issue.

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