Trouble shooting

Why can’t I log in to the online waste tracker?

If you normally log in with no problems and have done so recently, please continue to attempt logging in as there may be a short-term system delay.

If your user account has been inactive for some time, your password may have expired. Please email the EPA on for assistance. 

Error message while creating or processing a CA or TC

The text may be in a form that the system cannot process, for example, use of unusual keyboard characters.

The information on the draft document may not be permissible, for example, the facility cannot receive the waste type.

Check that the CA or TC contains the appropriate information to complete the processing. 

Email the EPA if all details appear to be appropriate and you are still receiving an error message.

Transporter not listed /can’t find transporter

The transporter must possess a valid waste transporter licence. The EPA can add a licensed waste transporter to the OWT after receiving a completed application form for user access.

I am a transporter and can’t access the CA to create the TCs I need to use

If you already have an online waste tracking user account, the creator of the CA (waste facility) may not have added you in the Transporter section when the CA was created. Contact them to recreate the CA, then add your transport company in the transporter section of the CA. Alternatively, ask the facility to issue and email the required number of TCs as PDFs for your company to print and use for each waste movement.

If you have a valid waste transporter licence but no online waste tracking user account, you can apply for access (DOCX 125KB).

The system won’t let me create or process TCs even though normally I can

Your user access privileges may not permit you to create documents for that facility if you are trying to process for a different site, or there may be an issue with the TC data. You should

  • review the company and site user access details you received from the EPA when your account was created, or confirm these with the EPA
  • ensure that the CA and TC are current and relevant for the waste. 
  • check that all necessary details to process or create the document are filled in

If no problem can be found, contact the EPA. 

I can’t create a CA for my waste

Only the NSW EPA or a NSW waste facility licensed to receive the waste type (waste code) you are consigning may create the CA. Contact the receiving facility to arrange this.

If the facility is licensed to receive the waste type but the online waste tracker does not show the waste code, email the EPA at

Having trouble? Email the EPA at


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