Tracking asbestos waste using WasteLocate

Asbestos transporters and facilities receiving asbestos waste in NSW weighing more than 100 kilograms, or consisting or more than 10 square metres of asbestos sheeting in one load must track and report this waste to the EPA using WasteLocate.

The Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS) is replacing WasteLocate from September 2023

19 September: The IWTS replaces WasteLocate for tracking new movements of waste tyres within NSW. Tyre consignments created in WasteLocate prior to 12am, 19 September 2023, should be completed in WasteLocate

Date to be announced: Operators who use WasteLocate for tracking asbestos waste within NSW are required to use the IWTS to meet their regulatory reporting requirements.

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The EPA regulates compliance with clause 79 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014. To help industry meet its reporting obligations, the EPA has developed an easy-to-use online system called WasteLocate.

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Airborne asbestos is a health hazard. Illegal dumping of asbestos may lead to increased exposure to asbestos fibres.

As a result, the EPA must monitor the movement of asbestos to ensure it does not harm the environment or human health

WasteLocate was developed in consultation with the waste industry to

  • facilitate compliance with legal requirements
  • ensure consistency, transparency and certainty for industry
  • ensure EPA compliance activities are better targeted and have minimal impact on well-performing businesses
  • create a healthier environment

Asbestos waste transporters must register on and use WasteLocate to track the movement of asbestos. Heavy penalties apply for not using WasteLocate.

You need an internet-connected tablet or smartphone running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. For best results, ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.

WasteLocate can also be accessed from desktop and laptop computers but if you are transporting asbestos waste you will need a tablet or smartphone. You will also need a standard QR scanning app as WasteLocate uses QR2id codes, similar to standard QR codes.

  • Register with WasteLocate.
  • Create a unique EPA consignment ID for each new load of asbestos by logging onto WasteLocate and following the on-screen prompts to record details. You can create consignments to be collected immediately or scheduled for pick up later.
  • When you arrive at the waste facility, you must scan the QR2id plate displayed at the gate or weighbridge and log into WasteLocate to confirm delivery. If there is more than one consignment on board, WasteLocate makes it easy to choose the one or more loads being delivered.

For more information, read WasteLocate Asbestos Waste Transporters User Guides (PDF 3.3MB).

  • You must have a QR2id plate or plates prominently displayed for asbestos transporters to scan. Order and pay for these from the WasteLocate website.

    You do not have to register with WasteLocate to do this. If you require assistance call Amtac Professional Services on 1800 420 380 or email

  • The plate or plates will display your unique QR2id code, which drivers must scan to confirm delivery. Ensure the plate is displayed prominently at your entrance or weighbridge and is easily accessible.

Find out more about Q2id plates.

Read the QR2id location plate installation fact sheet (PDF 1MB)

It is mandatory for all waste facilities in NSW that accept asbestos waste loads above 100 kilograms or 10 square metres to

  • display a WasteLocate QR2id plate
  • report to the EPA the registration numbers of vehicles that deliver asbestos without scanning the QR2id plate – find out more
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