Dangerous goods

We explain the rules around transporting dangerous goods by road and rail, how to get driver and vehicle licences for transporting dangerous goods, and how to get training.

Transporting dangerous goods or preparing dangerous goods for transport are activities with a high but manageable risk, if proper precautions are taken.  Because of the risks, dangerous goods transport is a highly regulated activity.  To manage the risks there are a number of controls that are required.

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Dangerous goods overview

What makes something dangerous goods, and how we ensure that dangerous goods are transported safely.

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Video explainers

These 10 short videos explain key safety precautions that must be taken when transporting dangerous goods, and why these precautions are important.

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Controls and when they apply

Controls apply when transporting dangerous goods. These controls are requirements that protect the driver, the stability of goods being transported and the environment.

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Licensing and training

Both drivers and vehicles must be licenced to transport dangerous goods in NSW. Find out what you need to do to get a licence.

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Tank vehicle inspection manual

This inspection manual has been prepared to assist operators, repairers and regulators ensure that tank vehicles meet legislative requirements.

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Preventing truck and tanker fires

This manual is for fleet operators, workshop managers and mechanics to identify potential causes of truck and tanker fires and to help prevent them.

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Tank design approvals

The design of a tank used for dangerous goods transport must be approved by the competent authority before it can be used to transport dangerous goods.

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Determinations and exemptions

Information about determinations in place and when exemptions can be issued.

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Search for dangerous goods licences

Dangerous goods public register

Search the Dangerous Goods public register for information about driver and vehicle licences.

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