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NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
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  • From the Chair and CEO

    In January, we welcomed the Hon Gabrielle Upton as the new Minister for the Environment, Minister for Local Government and Minister for Heritage. Minister Upton is the Member for Vaucluse. In this edition we cover Minister Upton’s launch of the Hey Tosser! Autumn campaign, including the launch of 40 GPS-tracked bottles across the state’s waterways, to raise awareness of litter impacts.

  • Helping a small community when their water supply was affected by a petrol leak

    A leak from an underground fuel tank at the local store into the town’s groundwater supply in February last year has meant residents in the small community of Woolomin, north of Tamworth, have had to make significant changes to their home water use.

  • Stakeholder Profile - Dirtgirl

    It’s not often that we meet a stakeholder whose best friend is a garden gnome, but that’s dirtgirl.

  • From the Chair and CEO

    Welcome to our final edition of EPA Connect for 2016. It’s been a busy couple of months since our last newsletter with some major initiatives and campaigns underway.

  • Tracking for change - Hey Tosser! takes to the water

    From the Murrumbidgee to the Hunter, Parramatta River to Lake Illawarra, the Hey Tosser! branded bottles are being tracked and updates shared daily on social media to raise awareness about the distance litter travels.

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