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Latest Ministerial media releases

  • Wasting less, recycling more in National Recycling Week

    With National Recycling Week underway, the NSW Government has revealed it is increasing the State’s recycling capacity by 3.2 million tonnes, which is equivalent to a staggering 120,000 semi-trailers stretched end-to-end from Sydney to Cairns.

  • More single-use plastics banned from today

    Additional single-use plastic items will be banned in NSW from today as communities and businesses embrace a massive shift away from problematic plastics.

  • Diving against Debris ahead of plastic ban

    With just over a week until NSW bans more single-use plastics, Minister for Environment James Griffin has joined dozens of citizen science scuba divers and snorkelers in a community effort to clean up Sydney Harbour and highlight exactly why the bans are needed.

  • NSW continues to lead on a better, cleaner environment

    The NSW Government will continue to play a leadership role across important environmental policies, including work to develop a national framework that puts a value on biodiversity.

  • Cheers NSW! Return and Earn set to expand

    The NSW Government’s wildly popular Return and Earn scheme, which has already seen more than eight billion containers returned, is set to expand to include glass wine and spirits bottles and larger containers.

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