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Latest EPA Media Releases

Latest Ministerial media releases

  • Tony Chappel appointed new CEO of NSW EPA

    Following an extensive recruitment process, Tony Chappel has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

  • Days away from lightweight bag ban

    Marking a major pivot away from single-use plastics, the NSW Government’s ban on lightweight plastic bags will come into force next week.

  • Tomra Cleanaway Return and Earn new contract

    More return points are being added to the NSW Government’s popular Return and Earn scheme after a new contract was signed with network operator TOMRA Cleanaway.

  • Flood clean-up tops 100,000 tonnes

    The clean-up effort in the Northern Rivers region is nearing completion, with almost 22,000 truckloads of waste cleared from flood-affected communities and 940 cubic metres of debris removed from beaches and waterways.

  • $4.8 million for regional recycling

    Regional communities are taking a lead role in Australia’s recycling transformation with the Morrison and Perrottet governments announcing $4.8 million in co-funding for regional and remote recycling infrastructure.

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