Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a serious problem in NSW. Find out what we're doing to stop it and how you can help.

Illegal dumping is the disposal of more than small amounts of waste or litter on land or in water without the correct approvals (an environment protection licence or planning approvals). Illegal dumping is a serious problem in NSW. By working together, we can:

  • reduce the problem, keeping our bushland, parks and public places clean
  • protect people and the environment from hazardous waste
  • spread the message that illegal dumping is wrong and offenders will be penalised
  • increase reporting of illegal dumping.

EPA action to stop illegal dumping

The EPA:

  • enforces laws relating to illegal dumping, including working with local councils and supporting the Regional Illegal Dumping Programs and Squads
  • manages and delivers education and prevention campaigns through the NSW Illegal Dumping Prevention Strategy
  • manages grant programs to help other organisations and individuals combat illegal dumping
  • supports collaboration and capacity building amongst councils and land managers to deter illegal dumping
Illegal dumping, containing asbestos, Werakata National Park, Werakata State Conservation Area and Sugarloaf State Conservation Area

About illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is wrong, and often dangerous. Here’s what we’re doing to stop illegal dumping, and our research into this antisocial behaviour.

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Illegally dumped tyres in waterway, Maddens Plains, Illawarra

Illegal Dumping Prevention Strategy

The NSW Illegal Dumping Prevention Strategy 2022-2027 outlines clear actions for the EPA and its partners to reduce illegal dumping in NSW.

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Illegal household dumping in a Sydney street

Grant programs

You, your council, or your local group may be eligible to apply for funding to tackle illegal dumping.

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Rusting car dumped in bushland

Prevent illegal dumping

Learn about the resources available to support your campaign against illegal dumping, and about the dangers of free-fill.

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Report Illegal Dumping sign

Report illegal dumping

When to report an emergency, call the Environment Line or use the RIDonline reporting app.

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Illegally dumped waste, brick, rocks, rubble, construction site rubbish

Laws and penalties

Learn about the legislation regarding illegal and the penalties for those who are caught.

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