Waste reporting

Waste facilities in NSW are required by law to submit various reports to the EPA.

Monthly reporting for levy-liable facilities

Monthly reporting is required by levy-liable scheduled waste facilities under section 88 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act). Levy liable facilities must submit a waste contribution monthly report (WCMR) to the EPA to report on all waste received and waste sent for recycling to pay the waste contribution under Section 88.

Annual reporting for non-levy-liable facilites

Annual reporting to the EPA on the amount and type of waste that has been processed, stored, recycled and disposed of for that year is also required for some waste facilities outside the levy areas or which are not required to pay levy contributions. This includes

  • facilities licensed as a waste facility only because ceramic works, composting, container reconditioning, contaminated soil treatment or paper or pulp production are carried on at the facility
  • facilities licensed for metallurgical activities
  • facilities licensed as a waste facility only in respect of storage, treatment, processing or sorting of clinical and related, hazardous waste, liquid waste or restricted solid waste
  • licensed landfills for disposal of slags or VENM only
  • unlicensed landfills
  • landfills located outside the regulated area

Other reporting requirements

Certain wastes (above 10 tonnes) and transported from a metro levy area transported out of NSW must be reported to the EPA. See information about waste tracking.

Reporting is required to

  • help the EPA collect important data on the types of waste disposed of and materials that are recycled and re-used
  • demonstrate compliance with the conditions of an environment protection licence. As part of the requirements under Schedule 1 of the POEO Act, a facility that holds an environment protection licence is required to submit an annual return
  • track hazardous waste within NSW and interstate – see Tracking hazardous waste for those reporting requirements and necessary forms

Reliable, accurate and up-to-date data is essential for the development and evaluation of effective waste policies, as well as monitoring progress towards NSW resource recovery targets.


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