Waste transporters’ tracking responsibilities

Waste transporters carry waste from the producer to the receiving facility. They are responsible for ensuring that hazardous waste is transported and tracked in accordance with Part 4 of the POEO (Waste) Regulation 2014.

If the waste is to be transported to another state or territory, the transporter must comply with the laws of each state or territory they pass through once they leave NSW.


If you transport more than 200 kg or litres (or a mixture of kilograms and litres) of trackable waste in any load, you must have a NSW environment protection licence, required under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Schedule 1, clause 48. You may hold an equivalent authorisation in another state or territory if you are transporting into or out of NSW only. 

Category 1 and category 2 trackable wastes are listed under Schedule 1 of the POEO (Waste) Regulation 2014.

Tyres are a category 2 trackable waste and therefore are required to be tracked when transported interstate; however, a waste transporter licence is not required in NSW for this waste. 

Apply for an environment protection licence via eConnect EPA.

If you are unable to use eConnect EPA, or you require a licence transfer or surrender, download the application form.

Proposed changes to trackable waste transport and dangerous goods vehicle licensing

The NSW EPA is proposing changes to the way it licenses the transport of dangerous goods and trackable waste to introduce a fairer, more streamlined licensing system with fees that cover the true cost of regulating these industries.


Before transporting waste from one place to another, you must

  • ensure that there is a consignment authorisation (CA) for the job
  • ensure there is a completed transport certificate (TC) for the load of waste
  • carry the TC in your vehicle to the receiving facility

Remove the waste from the vehicle only after

  • you have given the TC to the receiving facility
  • the receiving facility agrees that the waste can be unloaded

You should also remove waste from your vehicle if an authorised officer requests you to do so.

If you transfer the waste from one vehicle to another, you must

  • record the transfer on the TC
  • give the TC to the driver of the vehicle carrying the waste

If the receiving facility does not accept the waste, you must

  • ensure the receiving facility signs the TC stating that they have rejected the waste
  • take the waste to another receiving facility that can legally accept it, or take it back to the waste producer or their authorised agent
  • advise the EPA that the waste has been rejected and indicate where the waste is being taken; this procedure can be carried out on the online waste tracking system, or contact the EPA by emailing hazardous.materials@epa.nsw.gov.au
  • Record keeping

  • If you are using the online waste tracking system, the system automatically retains all records of transactions completed online.
  • If you are not using the online waste tracking system, you must keep copies of printed TCs for at least 4 years.

If you are a transporter also acting as an authorised agent, find out about your responsibilities.


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