Plastic packaging and so-called single-use plastic items make up 60% of all litter in NSW. These items take thousands of years to decompose and in the process, they are causing great harm to our natural environment and wildlife.

The NSW government has created legislation which bans businesses and community groups from supplying lightweight plastic bags from 1 June 2022. The ban was extended on 1 November 2022, to include single-use plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, bowls and plates as well as expanded polystyrene food service items, like cups and hamburger containers, single-use plastic cotton buds, and rinse-off personal care products containing plastic microbeads.

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Info for businesses and community organisations

Visit Plastics Ban NSW for info on how the single-use plastic phase-outs impact you, the assistance available and alternatives to single-use plastics.

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Guidance on the bans 

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Resources on the plastics ban for businesses and community organisations, including translated posters and brochures.

Watch our information video on the single-use plastics ban

'Let's Stop it and Swap it' promotional resources

Visit Plastics Ban NSW

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Help with excess stock

If your business or organisation has left-over stock, don't throw it away. Register it with The Great Plastic Rescue for recycling and remanufacturing, or with us so we can learn more about the volume of banned items held by suppliers.

Great Plastic Rescue

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Stop It and Swap It!

Our campaign is all about how to stop using plastic and swap it for something reusable and more sustainable.

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Plastics Action Plan

The NSW Government is encouraging people to swap single-use plastic items for reusable and sustainable alternatives and reduce the impact plastics have on the environment.

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News and media releases

  • More single-use plastics banned from today

    Additional single-use plastic items will be banned in NSW from today as communities and businesses embrace a massive shift away from problematic plastics.

  • Diving against Debris ahead of plastic ban

    With just over a week until NSW bans more single-use plastics, Minister for Environment James Griffin has joined dozens of citizen science scuba divers and snorkelers in a community effort to clean up Sydney Harbour and highlight exactly why the bans are needed.

  • $9 million to turbocharge plastic recycling

    More plastic will be recycled and turned into new products in NSW thanks to $9 million funding to support businesses transform their operations and access the latest plastic recycling technology.