Integrated waste tracking solution

The EPA, in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI), has developed a new Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS) for tracking and reporting on hazardous and regulated waste.

The IWTS is a digital tool that enables waste consignors, transporters and receivers to track and report on all types of hazardous and regulated waste in one system. It is a key step towards delivering a nationally consistent hazardous waste tracking and data system, a commitment under the National Waste Policy Action Plan and NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041.

We have engaged KPMG to design, develop and operate the IWTS through the KPMG Origins traceability platform. Together the EPA, DESI and KPMG have worked with industry operators and experts in both states to design an intuitive and streamlined solution.

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Why has the EPA developed the IWTS?

The IWTS is designed to make it easier for industry to meet their regulatory requirements for tracking waste, while supporting a more data-driven and risk-based approach to regulating hazardous wastes.

An online system makes waste tracking easier and quicker. In the IWTS you can create accurate consignment authorisations and waste transport certificates quickly, as well as store and access relevant information whenever you need it.

The IWTS brings all waste tracking and reporting in NSW onto a single platform. This streamlines and strengthens the process for tracking and reporting on waste movements within NSW and interstate.

In NSW, the IWTS replaces our existing tracking systems for hazardous and regulated waste. This includes the:

  • WasteLocate system for tracking movements of waste tyres and asbestos waste within NSW
  • Online Waste Tracking (OWT) system for tracking:

See the privacy statement about the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information through the IWTS.

When IWTS will be released in NSW

Start date


19 September 2023 The IWTS replaced WasteLocate for tracking waste tyres transported within NSW.

28 February 2024

The IWTS replaced WasteLocate for tracking asbestos waste transported within NSW.

28 February 2024

The IWTS replaced the Online Waste Tracking system for tracking the transport and disposal of hazardous waste.

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