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To save time and make it easier to create transport certificates (TCs) in the online waste tracking system (OWT), waste consignors and receiving facilities can create a list of regularly used transporters. Authorised agents can also create an agent’s premises list and producer premises list. All lists are created by using the ‘Tools’ option in OWT.

The Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS) has replaced the Online Waste Tracking (OWT) and WasteLocate systems for tracking the transport of hazardous and other high-risk wastes. Our website will shortly be updated to reflect this change.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the IWTS or by contacting us on (02) 9585 6303 or

List of regularly used transporters

Online waste tracking displays all transporters in the system. 

Custom/full list - under ‘Tools’, users can create their own custom lists of transporters they use regularly and choose from this list, rather than the full list of transporters, and save time when creating and editing a TC.

Find a transporter -  OWT lists transporters under the name on their licence. Sometimes transporters may trade under a different name. You can use 'Find a transporter' to search using various information including the licence number or the ABN to find the transporter name. You can then add the transporter

  • to your custom list of regularly used transporters
  • to a TC or
  • as a default transporter on a consignment authorisation (CA)

Agent’s premises list and producer premises list

If you are a licensed waste transporter or a receiving facility, you can apply to the EPA for agent authorisation in the OWT.

An authorised agent collects and transports waste on behalf of (typically smaller) small waste producers, and often collects waste from more than one producer on the same collection in a 'milk run'.

CAs can be issued to agents as consignors. The agent's name and contact details appear on the CA and any TCs created from the CA. 

Creating and using premises lists

An agent premises list is a list of waste producing premises where agents regularly pick up waste, and their contact details. Agents can create and maintain their premises list in the OWT using the ‘Tools’ function.  

For the waste specified on a TC, the agent can generate a premises list showing the producer site details for that collection. The names and addresses of producers do not appear on the TC.

To create a producer premises list, click the ‘Premises’ or ‘Change premises’ buttons.  Only the agent or the EPA can create and print this list.

Both lists can be viewed only by the agent or the EPA. The receiving facility cannot view the agent's premises list or a producer premises list.

The agent should print a copy of the producer premises list which should accompany the waste during transport. The transporter is not required to give the list to the receiving facility.

Note:  Whether a receiving facility is prepared to accept waste from an agent where the producers’ details remain confidential is a commercial matter between the receiving facility and agent.

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