Joint procurement facilitation service

Find out how councils can access the best expertise, information and guidance to jointly plan, negotiate and contract for waste services.

Backed by an investment of $16 million over 5 years, the joint procurement facilitation service will support councils to jointly procure waste services ensuring that ratepayers have access to value for money waste services and the move to a circular economy is supported.

This voluntary service delivers on a NSW Government commitment under the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy Stage 1 Plan: 2021-27.

Councils will be able to access a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Market data and analytics to equip councils with high-quality and timely market data and analysis to make informed and robust procurement decisions, starting with the release of regular market bulletins.
  • Funded support to help councils access advice and assistance when exploring and undertaking the joint procurement of waste services. Up to $500,000 worth of advice and assistance is available per project across 2 streams of funding.
  • A panel of experts to advise councils on waste procurement.
  • A library of training and guidance materials, accessible on demand, to equip council and regional organisation staff with the skills they need to navigate procurement challenges.

A one-stop-shop concierge with a dedicated EPA team will coordinate the delivery of these services. The concierge will work with local councils and regional waste groups to provide tailored assistance, and to support beneficial opportunities for councils to collaborate.

You can contact the concierge via email