Industry responsibilities when waste tracking

Waste producers or their authorised agents, waste transporters and receiving facilities each have their own responsibilities for tracking hazardous waste.

You must follow various procedures to comply with Part 4 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014, depending on the nature of your business.

  • A consignor is the sender of the waste to a receiving facility, they can be
    • A waste producer is a business such as a construction company or manufacturing industry that generates hazardous waste and needs to dispose of it to a lawful facility.
    • An authorised agent is a business that acts on behalf of a producer, and is a waste transporter or receiving facility approved by the EPA.
    • A waste transporter is a business that takes the waste from the producer to the receiving facility.
  • A receiving facility is a business such as a landfill, treatment plant or transfer station that receives, processes or stores waste.

Finding waste businesses online

To find a waste producer or their authorised agent, search the consignor list in the online waste tracking system.

For licensed waste transporters or receiving facilities, access the EPA public register online, and use ‘Search’ to find

  • all transporters licensed to transport a particular type of waste
  • all facilities licensed to receive a particular type of waste
  • transporters and facilities in a particular suburb.

You can also search the public register to

  • determine if a receiving facility has approval to issue a consignment authorisation
  • search for approved authorised agents.
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