Waste planning in development applications

Everyone in NSW shares a responsibility to protect the environment. Councils can require developers to submit site waste management plans with their development applications. Assistance is available to help them do so according to best practice.

The building and construction industry is a major contributor to waste, much of it disposed of to landfill. Effective waste minimisation strategies can significantly reduce the amount of waste landfilled.

The 'Waste not development control plan' ('Waste not DCP') is a model chapter that councils can include in development control plans, to incorporate waste management into the development application phase.

The 'Waste not DCP' requires development proponents to submit a 'site waste minimisation and management plan' with their development application. These plans

  • include estimates of waste generation during demolition, construction and ongoing use of the site
  • detail how these wastes are to be sorted, stored and removed for recycling or disposal.

The 'Waste not DCP' incorporates current best practices, and provides 2 ways for councils to include waste management within a consolidated development control plan.

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