Authorised agents’ tracking responsibilities

Authorised agents are waste transporters or receiving facilities approved by the EPA to consign waste on behalf of a waste producer. Authorised agents are responsible for ensuring that hazardous waste is tracked and received in accordance with Part 4 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014.


  • You must gain approval from the EPA to act as an authorised agent. When you apply to use the online waste tracking system tick the ‘authorised agent’ box on the application form. If your application is approved, the EPA will send you a certificate. Alternatively, email with a request to be allocated the authorised agent role, and include your NSW EPA-issued waste transporter or receiving facility licence number.
  • Obtain an agreement in writing between you and the waste producer(s) stating that you are acting as their authorised agent

Creating a confidential producer premises list

When you are arranging to transport waste, the load can include waste from more than one premises and more than one waste producer, unless there are specific restrictions in the consignment authorisation (CA) preventing this.

Your name and contact details are on any CA assigned to you and any associated transport certificates (TCs). These documents must not contain the names and addresses of the waste producers you are acting on behalf of.

For each load of waste to be transported, create a producer premises list containing the names and addresses of producers you are picking up waste from. If using the online waste tracking system, confidentiality is assured as you can complete your list in a part of the system not accessible to receiving facilities. You also do not have to keep a paper record.

If you are not using the online waste tracking system, you must create a confidential list and keep it as part of your records for four years.

This list must be separate to the TC and only you, the EPA and the transporter picking up the waste can view it. It must not be handed to the receiving facility with the TC.

A receiving facility may be reluctant to accept waste where the producer(s)’ details remain confidential. You should ensure the facility will accept the waste before arranging to transport it.

Arranging the consignment of waste

When arranging the consignment of waste, you must

  • ensure that the receiving facility can legally accept it
  • obtain a CA from the receiving facility
  • ensure that a TC is completed for the load of waste
  • ensure that the waste transporter is licensed or legally allowed to transport the waste
  • provide the completed TC to the waste transporter
  • maintain a producer premises list for each load
  • give a copy of the TC, or agent’s receipt, to the waste producer(s) within 7 days of providing it to the waste transporter

Record keeping

If you are using the online waste tracking system, the system automatically retains all records of transactions completed online. Keep separate copies for at least 4 years of

  • agreements made with waste producers
  • a producer premises list for each load of waste transported

If you are not using the online waste tracking system, you must keep copies for at least 4 years of waste records, including printed TCs.


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