Assistance to remove waste after disasters

Following emergencies and disasters, communities may require assistance to remove or clean up waste or debris so they can begin to rebuild. In these extraordinary circumstances, the NSW Government may provide assistance.

Residential green waste and debris

If disasters threaten public health and safety or prevent community members from helping themselves, local councils may receive financial assistance to remove debris from affected private properties.

Local council waste management facilities

Local councils may be reimbursed for additional costs they incur to manage a waste facility for disposal of debris from the disaster.

Residences of the elderly or infirm

Those who are physically unable to remove damaged household contents and other debris may be eligible for assistance undertaken by public or private sector contracted services.

Sporting and recreation clubs

Grants or concessional fixed rate loans may be provided to help clubs clean up debris and restore their facilities and equipment.

Crown Reserve Trusts

Assistance to replace and restore Crown Reserve Trust assets (eg, buildings, fences, tanks, and towers) may be available, including reimbursement for councils that clean up debris from Crown Reserves.


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