Waste facilities

The NSW waste regulatory framework establishes a level playing field for operators of waste and recycling facilities. The framework includes the requirement to hold an environment protection licence if certain thresholds are met, and the requirement to record and report to the EPA the quantities and types of waste moving through the facility.

Fire safety guideline

If you operate or own a waste facility you should be aware of Fire and Rescue NSW’s Fire safety guideline: Fire safety in waste facilities (F&R Guideline). The F&R Guideline outlines standard approaches for fire risk management, fire safety systems, storage, stockpiles and planning at waste facilities. The guideline can be found on the Fire and Rescue NSW website (PDF 1.7MB). The EPA has also developed a fact sheet (PDF 283KB) on fire safety at waste facilities, to provide a quick overview of the fire safety guideline and the roles of consent and regulatory authorities involved in minimising fire risk.

Landfill facilities

Landfill facilities must be managed to a high environmental standard to reduce any risk of harm to the environment and the community.

Reporting and record keeping

Waste facilities in NSW are required by law to submit various reports to the EPA. The information reported improves the reliability of data on waste facilities and strengthens the EPA's regulatory oversight across the waste industry.

Local council operations

The EPA provides waste and recycling program and infrastructure funding for local councils, and support for groups of councils to collaborate across regions. The EPA aims to boost the critical role local councils play to reduce waste sent to landfill, increase NSW's recycling rates and resource efficiency, and reduce litter and illegal dumping.

Organics processing facilities

Processing organics on a commercial scale increases the community's ability to recover and conserve resources and reduces the quantity of organics going to landfills . Recycled organics applied to land can provide multiple benefits to soil health and crop growth.

Energy recovery facilities

In NSW, government policy encourages the recovery of energy from waste if this can deliver positive outcomes for people and the environment.  

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