Full cost of landfill - calculator

The EPA supports local councils to establish best-practice waste and recycling systems, to empower local communities to reduce waste to landfill. The Full Cost of Landfill Calculator aims to help local councils determine the real cost of sending waste to landfill.

Information about the full cost of landfill can inform local council decisions to divert more waste from landfill, and work towards the NSW Government’s recycling targets.

The Full Cost of Landfill Calculator is a Microsoft Excel-based decision-support tool. It provides councils with a baseline figure of landfill costs.

You can use the calculator to

  • optimise your waste and resource recovery decision-making processes
  • determine landfill charges that will adequately cover costs
  • plan for landfill replacement
  • explore resource recovery alternatives
  • assess carbon management options
  • justify budget requests

Download the calculator and brochure

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