Love Food Hate Waste

Wasting food wastes money and the considerable energy, water and other resources used to produce food. Preventing food waste is the best outcome for the environment. The EPA’s Love Food Hate Waste program shows NSW households and businesses how to avoid wasting food.

Reducing food waste at home

More than a third of all household waste is food. It is possible to prevent about 60% of this food waste with simple steps that also reduce your grocery bills.

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It's easy to reduce the amount of food you throw out at home by following these six simple steps

  • know your waste
  • plan your meals
  • shop with a list
  • perfect your portions
  • store food correctly
  • love your leftovers 

Love Food Hate Waste at work

The EPA's Love Food Hate Waste program helps businesses and other organisations to better understand and prevent food waste, or donate unwanted good quality food to people in need.

To reduce food waste at your workplace

Take these seven steps to reducing food waste in your business

  • do a food waste review
  • sharpen your orders
  • create a cleaver menu
  • store food smarter
  • train your staff
  • reduce plate waste
  • donate or recycle

Love Food Hate Waste grants

The EPA's Love Food Hate Waste grants help organisations understand and prevent food waste.  

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