The Recyculator

Use the Recyculator to calculate and communicate the benefits of large-scale recycling. Developed by the EPA, this interactive online tool helps councils, industry and businesses measure recycling's wider benefits: energy and water savings, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less waste going to landfill.

Calculating the environmental benefits of recycling

The Recyculator is an interactive tool that calculates the environmental benefits of large scale recycling initiatives across 21 material types in NSW. It aims to assist NSW councils, industry and businesses to estimate the full environmental benefits of recycling, help broaden resource recovery programs, and communicate these benefits in an understandable way. It measures the greenhouse benefits, energy savings, water savings and landfill space saved and displays these results.

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Find out how much your organisation has saved

  1. Greenhouse gas abatement by amount of overall carbon dioxide equivalence (CO2eq) shown in the number of cars permanently removed off the road.
  2. Energy conservation by megajoules (MJ) per household per year translated into the average household energy usage saved.
  3. Water conservation by kilolitres (kL) converted into olympic sized swimming pools of water saved.
  4. Landfill space savings by cubic metres (m3) and converted into the number of 240 litre mobile garbage bins (wheelie bins).

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The Recyclulator uses data from the life cycle assessment in the Environmental Benefits of Recycling study (PDF 1.04MB).

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