Food organics and garden organics

Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) is a kerbside collection service that allows food to be added to the green lid garden waste bin so it can be recycled into top quality compost.

map of NSW showing councils with FOGO

Councils with FOGO

43 councils in NSW have FOGO, there are many FOGO case studies and FOGO grant projects.

View the NSW Organics Collection services map (PDF 1.9MB).

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Regenerating land

Market development grant case studies show multiple benefits and uses for FOGO compost.

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How to FOGO?

Guides to implement FOGO services are available (guide 1, guide 2) and studies show FOGO can work in multiunit dwellings.
In many parts of the world FOGO is mandatory.

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Skill up!

Learn more about the compost process and regulations covering organics recycling in NSW.

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Get in touch

Want to know more about FOGO or how to make quality compost?

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