Applying compost and biosolids to land is allowed

The research findings and regulatory changes apply to Mixed Waste Organic Outputs (MWOO) produced by processing mixed waste from red-lid bins only, not the source-separated food organics and garden organics from green-lid bins that is used to produce compost.

Compost is made from inputs of mulch, garden organics, food waste, manure and paunch that have undergone composting. Inputs are broken down by microbes having reached certain temperatures to destroy pathogens, seeds and other weeds.

Compost has its own regulatory rules, i.e. a resource recovery order and exemption, that must be complied with to lawfully supply and land apply. Compost is cleaner than MWOO and is not impacted by the EPA’s position on MWOO.

Read more in the Applying compost and biosolids to land fact sheet (PDF 275KB).

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