Closing the loop on PVC waste

Collecting and processing residual PVC from Commercial and Industsrial (C&I) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste streams to produce pipes and fittings.


Vinidex Pty Ltd

Residual PVC is one of many plastics found within the construction and demolition, and commercial and industrial waste streams. These plastics were collected and processed for use in the production of pipes and fittings – closing the loop on finite resources.

This Circulate project diverted 750 tonnes of plastic waste from construction and demolition, and commercial and industrial sources and remanufactured the material into sellable plastic pipes. Vinidex initially partnered with ResourceCo but adapted to COVID-19 impacts by expanding to wider industry connections, accelerating the project.

Material was collected and processed by shredding or pulverising. It was washed, dried, and bagged for transport. At the Vinidex site, material was then granulated and micronized for use in the production of plastic pipes and fittings, replacing the use of PVC resin.

Vinidex now aims to invest in equipment to increase their capacity of plastic waste recycling, making it one of their key business strategies.


imageReprocessing PVC material waste has resulted in reduced usage of virgin materials, and provides a closed loop product.

The numbers

  • Circulate grant $150,000
  • 750 tonnes of PVC diverted from landfill

The benefits

  • free processed material replaced imported resin and was also sold to others in the market
  • use of waste plastics provided an opportunity to source lower cost materials as a substitute for imported resins
  • positive story for their customers
  • less waste ending up in landfill