Recycling waste plastic using a moulding tool

This company is reducing the purchase of virgin plastic by using a new moulding tool to recycle waste plastic.


Rotacaster manufactures wheels of various types and sizes . All the plastic passed through the machine during the manufacturing process was wasted. The business was looking for ways to reduce their landfill waste.

How Bin Trim helped

imageA Bin Trim assessor visited the business to do a free waste assessment. After estimating the volumes of materials in the site bins, they formed an action plan.

The Bin Trim assessor, in consultation with specialist Rotacaster staff, recommended a plastic moulding tool and hot runner system. A Bin Trim rebate covered $6,947 of the cost.


three wheel stair climbing trolleyThe new hot runner system increases the length of heated components in the plastic injection moulding process, allowing more molten plastic to be injected into moulds and significantly reducing the amount of cooled plastic waste that would have previously ended up in landfill.

The numbers

  • Bin Trim rebate: $6,947
  • new equipment: plastic moulding tool and hot runner system
  • approximately 4.8 tonnes of waste diverted away from landfill annually (40% of 12 tonnes)

The benefits

  • less waste going to landfill
  • reduced procurement costs
  • reduced waste management costs
  • greatly improved efficiency in production
  • avoiding problematic plastic waste that can’t be recycled