Apply for an order and exemption

You can apply to the EPA for a resource recovery order (order) and resource recovery exemption (exemption) if there is no current order and exemption for your planned re-use of a waste.

An order and exemption are only appropriate where the re-use

  • is genuine, rather than a means of waste disposal
  • is beneficial or fit-for-purpose, and
  • will not cause harm to human health or the environment

Before beginning your application

  • check there is no current order or exemption for the waste you wish to re-use
  • ensure you have, if necessary, development consent and permission from the owner and occupier of the place where the waste will be re-used, and
  • contact the EPA to discuss your proposal by emailing

Guidelines for writing an application

Your application must address the questions and be written in the format required by our guidelines. After reviewing your application, we may ask for more information.

Applying to re-use waste as a soil amendment or fill

The following guidelines describe how to apply for an order and exemption for the land application of a waste for two separate purposes

Applying to re-use waste as an eligible waste fuel

For advice on applying or if you have queries about any other part of the process, e-mail or phone Environment Line on 131 555.

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