Scrap Together FOGO education

Find out about Scrap Together, a community education program helping councils make the most of FOGO.

The EPA’s Scrap Together Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) education program is available to NSW councils to help them educate their communities on how to use their FOGO service well.

It includes videos, radio adverts, social media tiles, posters, brochures and other collateral for councils to use.

Two phases have been developed – ‘Scrap Together’ for councils with an existing service and ‘Starting Scraps’ for councils introducing the new service. A third phase ‘How to FOGO’ is currently in development .

Examples of the collateral for the 2 phases are shown below.

Contact the Organics Unit at the NSW EPA for more information and access to high res versions of all the materials:

Research and reports

Scrap Together

Phase 1: Let’s get our Scrap Together was developed for councils with existing FOGO services. The target behaviour is maximising the amount of food waste going into the green lid FOGO bin instead of the red lid bin.

Starting Scraps

Phase 2: Starting Scraps is available for councils introducing a new FOGO service.

It aims to engage and educate communities over six stages, ensuring they understand the change that’s coming and know how to use their new FOGO service well.

It is designed to be delivered 4-6 months out from a service start. 

Posters from Stage 1: What’s FOGO? – introductory information to FOGO for people living in houses and units.

Poster: FOGO is coming with lady putting organic scraps into green bin
Poster: FOGO is coming with man and child putting organic scraps into green bin


Posters from Stage 2: Next Season’s Soil – shows how FOGO compost can be used on farms, sporting fields, parks and gardens.

Poster: Your scrap is next season's soil
Poster: Your scrap is next season's soil


Poster from Stage 3: Your Weekly Service Starts Soon – explains what can and can't go in the FOGO bin. 

Poster: Your greener green bin