Bin Trim business stories

Over 38,000 businesses in NSW have already cut costs and reduced waste sent to landfill through Bin Trim. See some examples of how Bin Trim works in partnership with businesses to increase recycling and save money and resources.

man holding a plastic bottle

Tackling production waste

This packaging business implemented a circular economy approach to tackle their production waste.

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smiling staffer with coffee cups

Circular cafes project reduces food waste sent to landfill

Shiny brew is one of 100 cafes diverting food waste away from landfill.

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fabric bag  used to collect coffee waste

Putting a waste product to good use

Tailor-made reusable fabric bags allow coffee chaff to be used as bedding on a chicken farm.

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Diverting glass from landfill to asphalt

Paving the way for glass recycling: promoting market development of recycled glass in asphalt.

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worker feeding offcut timber into the shredder

Making briquettes from timber waste

A new use for untreated timber waste, offcuts and sawdust helps to divert 95% of waste away from landfill.

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three wheel stair climbing trolley

Recycling waste plastic using a moulding tool

This company is reducing the use of virgin plastic by using a new moulding tool.

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colourfully dressed man on the steps of the temple

Composting food waste

Diverting organic food waste from bins to gardens helps this Temple reduce their waste bills.

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box with holding sun glasses packaged in perforated cardboard

Saving money by using cardboard packaging

Cardboard waste turned into a valuable resource and reused as packaging.

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sorted fabrics

Recycling textiles

This textile recycling pilot program has diverted over 80 tonnes of unwanted textiles from landfill.

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gloved hand with pulverised pvc

Closing the loop on PVC waste

Recovering PVC waste to produce pipes and fittings.

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worker with large piece of polystyrene packaging

Mobile Foam Muncher

This polystyrene recycling project introduces a mobile processing truck.

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worker holding a fillable pouch in front of the pouch washing machine

Refillable pouches replace single-use plastics

Getting rid of single-use plastic from your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. 

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