Independent review of the resource recovery framework

In 2021, the NSW EPA commissioned an independent review of the resource recovery framework.

The resource recovery framework is the policy, regulatory and compliance framework administered by the EPA to facilitate beneficial resource recovery and circular economy outcomes. 

The objective of the review was to examine the existing NSW waste and resource recovery framework and to provide recommendations to the EPA on matters including how well the framework protects the environment and human health; how well the framework achieves beneficial resource recovery and facilitates circular economy outcomes; and the framework’s transparency, clarity, and enforceability.

The review was undertaken by Dr Cathy Wilkinson, former head of the Victorian EPA.

The review was informed by consultation with industry, government and community stakeholders.

More information

More information about the consultation process, including the supporting Issues Paper and the consultation report is available at our Yoursay website.

EPA response to the independent review

The EPA has considered the recommendations of the independent review report (see below) and released its response.

This response represents the EPA’s commitment to improve the resource recovery framework in NSW, building on a range of work already underway. The EPA also commits to continue the meaningful stakeholder engagement and consultation undertaken by both the EPA and Dr Wilkinson throughout the review, and prior to releasing this response.

Download the EPA response (PDF 531KB)

Independent review report

Dr Wilkinson’s final report has now been published. The report includes 22 recommendations to help refine and strengthen the resource recovery framework. 

Download the report (PDF 582KB)

Next steps

The EPA will now develop a work program, in consultation with key stakeholders, to implement commitments made in response to the independent review. The work program will complement existing initiatives identified in the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 (WaSM).