Business waste and recycling research

EPA research into waste and recycling practices informs programs aimed at helping and supporting businesses to take positive action to reduce waste to landfill by avoiding, reusing and recycling more.

Social research on small to medium-sized enterprises’ waste and recycling

The EPA’s benchmark study

  • explores the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of small to medium-sized enterprises regarding waste management, resource recovery and recycling
  • provides insights into the relationship between small to medium-sized enterprises and waste service providers
  • recommends key messages and strategies to help businesses to improve their waste management and resource recovery practices

    Read the Social research on small to medium enterprises (SME) waste and recycling report (PDF 1.3MB).

Following an initial benchmark study, the EPA conducted a further study to track changes in small to medium-sized businesses’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to waste management and recycling after the implementation of Bin Trim.

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