Application for container factor - material type

This form must be submitted by a materials recovery facility (MRF) operator when applying to amend or introduce an eligible container factor. MRF operators are advised to submit these applications a minimum of 135 calendar days prior to the commencement of the quarter in which the factor will first apply.

NOTE: Claims under the MRF Protocol can currently be made for the following material types: aluminium, PET, HDPE, mixed plastic, glass, liquid paperboard (LBP), steel.

* indicates mandatory field

Material recovery facility (MRF) details
Please provide information about the facility applying to use the alternative weighing method.

Container factor details

Please provide evidence of why a container factor should be amended or introduced.

Examples of relevant evidence are documentation of a change in sorting technology or, documentation about methods to separate and or count/weigh material.

Data consent and certification

I consent to the EPA and its contractors using the data provided in this form, the data required to be provided under the Container Deposit Scheme Material Recovery Facility Processing Refund Protocol (the Protocol), and the data submitted to the EPA’s Waste and Resource Reporting Portal (WARRP) for the purposes of the administration of the Container Deposit Scheme.

I consent to providing site visits to the EPA, Scheme Coordinator and or their contractors for the purposes of this application.

I certify that all information provided in this form is true and correct and has been completed by a person who has authority to act on behalf of the MRF operator.

By submitting this form, I consent that all information that I have provided is true and accurate.

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