Making briquettes from timber waste

A new use for untreated timber waste, offcuts and sawdust helps to divert 95% of waste away from landfill.

Monaro Timber and Joinery

A second-generation family business located in the Queanbeyan region, Monaro Timber & Joinery supplies a broad range of timber products all over Australia. Previously the business generated approximately 54 tonnes of untreated timber waste, offcuts and sawdust at their site each year, which waws put into general waste bins and sent to landfill.

How Bin Trim helped

imageA Bin Trim assessor visited the business to carry out a free waste assessment. After estimating the volumes of materials in the site bins, they formed an action plan.

The assessor recommended a shredder and briquette making system, to create compressed timber briquettes from the waste materials. The shredder allows larger pieces of waste to be broken down before further processing in the briquette press. The fluffy waste material that is too broken-down to transport is compressed into briquettes, which can be used as kindling.

The briquette press has significantly reduced the volume of waste material. A Bin Trim rebate equalling half the cost of the equipment, saved Monaro Timber & Joinery $28,800.


imageThe business is now recycling 95% of their waste and their customers love the eco-friendly briquettes.

The numbers

  • Bin Trim rebate: $28,800.00
  • saving approximately $2000 per month in waste-management costs
  • approximately 54.71 tonnes of waste is diverted away from landfill annually

The benefits

  • the business is now recycling 95% of their waste
  • waste disposal costs are down to zero
  • new product for sale that benefits the business
  • customers love the eco-friendly briquettes
  • a safer and more clutter-free workplace
  • reduced vehicle emissions with fewer waste collection services