Recycling organics at work

Most businesses produce some form of organics waste – whether employees’ lunch scraps, food business waste, or garden trimmings from landscaped areas. Recycling this organics material is an easy way for businesses to reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal.

Preventing food waste

Preventing waste in the first place is the best environmental outcome. Wasting food also wastes money, and the considerable energy, water and other resources used to produce food.

Recycling business food waste

If you cannot prevent or donate food waste, recycling is the next best option to manage food waste and avoid sending it to landfill.

Free Bin Trim assessments and rebates

Save on waste through Bin Trim. This EPA program provides businesses with assessments and rebates, to help them cut food and other waste, and boost recycling and reuse.

Circulate, NSW EPA Industrial Ecology Program

For medium to large enterprises, the EPA provides industrial ecology support. This program funds facilitators who work with organisations across NSW to improve their environmental practices. Business networks strive to recover food and other types waste and reuse it, with benefits including greater efficiency, lower costs and wiser resource use.

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