Mobile Foam Muncher

This project has established a model and technology platform to enable the regional collection and processing of expanded polystyrene (EPS) on the Central Coast.


Waste Pro

Waste Pro engages social enterprises to enable meaningful work and revenue streams. The project aims to demonstrate a successful platform and business model for state-wide rollout.

The project experienced several significant hurdles which were overcome by reimagining the EPS recycling solution as a mobile solution and partnering with Foam Muncher in the logistics business.

WastePro has now designed and constructed a mobile EPS processing truck that it hopes will provide a revolutionary step towards best practices in EPS recycling.


The truck is the first of its kind in  Australia, and possibly the world. With the capability to process over 2,000 tonnes per year, the vehicle began operations in December 2021, and by 2022 was diverting and recycling 10,000m3 of EPS in NSW.

WastePro also received a $74,977 Bin Trim grant which was used to assess 98 businesses and helped divert almost 5,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

The numbers

  • Circulate grant $149,725
  • now diverting over 400 tonnes of EPS from landfill each year

The benefits

  • new solution for a challenging waste material
  • increased supply of feedstock for recycled materials
  • reduced vehicle emissions with fewer waste collection services
  • easy drop-off option for locals to responsibly dispose of their problem waste