FOGO masterclass series

The NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 (WaSM) introduced new requirements for councils to provide food and garden organics (FOGO) collections to all NSW households by 2030.

To support councils to roll out FOGO services we have developed a series of masterclasses covering the delivery of FOGO services. Australian and international speakers will share their experiences on delivering FOGO.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 26 October 2022 to 30 November 2022 at noon. Each session will be approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions.

Class information

Laying the foundations26 October

Planning your service roll out for smoother FOGO transition. This masterclass highlights the key stages of a FOGO service business plan, providing information around important topics to consider through the planning stages.


Contracts and procurement – 2 November

A FOGO service may be contracted out, either partially or entirely, to your preferred service provider. Here, we focus on procurement considerations specific to FOGO collection and/or processing contracts.


  • Loren Tunbridge, Contract Coordinator, Lake Macquarie City Council
  • Peter Wadewitz, Director, Peats Soils

Educating for success – 9 November

Securing buy in from your community is key to a successful FOGO service. In this masterclass we’ll discuss resources and where to find support, and how you can use education to drive behaviour change within the community, leading to increased participation and a clean FOGO stream.


The roll out – 16 November

Now the planning and procurement are done, what does the actual roll out look like? This masterclass will familiarise you with the on-the-ground activities involved in implementing FOGO in your community.


  • Marco Ricci, Sustainability Expert, Italy
  • Lisa Hack, Principal Advisor, Insight Waste and Resources Advisory Limited, New Zealand
  • George Fietje, Principal Advisor, Insight Waste and Resources Advisory Limited, New Zealand

Processing technologies – 23 November

Turning FOGO into compost is just one incredible way of handling this nutrient-rich material. Here, we deep dive into the exciting, innovative, well known and emerging organics processing options for FOGO. We’ll also touch upon important considerations when choosing the right fit for your community.


Completing the cycle – 30 November

FOGO services are more than just a way of diverting organics from landfill, they’re about reducing emissions and driving a circular economy for our communities. In our final masterclass, we’ll open the door to a range of organics market opportunities, and you’ll leave with a wealth of information and research on organics markets, including bringing it back into your community.


  • Ben van Delden, Partner, Management Consulting, Head of AgriFood Tech and Circular Economy Advisory, KPMG
  • Steve Leisk, DoLittle Farm


Registration is open now – you are welcome to register for one, a few or all sessions.

Go FOGO Grants

We provide funding to support councils to roll out new weekly FOGO services to households. The first round of these grants closed on 16 November 2022.


Our FOGO page contains links to a range of services that support councils to roll out FOGO including guides and community education resources and information on accepted FOGO inputs for households. It also includes information on accessing Australian Carbon Credit Units as a possible additional income stream for councils.

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