Cool Compost

Compost made from kerbside food and garden organics has significant environmental benefits. This nutrient-rich matter cools and nourishes the soil, improves water retention, increases yield, and lowers maintenance needs. Applying compost to land assists in reversing urban and rural land degradation, sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and is key to meeting sustainability and circularity targets.

To promote the benefits of compost, we have developed Cool Compost, a unique program in partnership with Circular Australia to increase awareness of these benefits to five key audiences – graziers, vegetable growers, councils, landscapers and urban planners, and government agencies.

Cool Compost builds on the $7.5 million Organics Market Development (OMD) program supporting activities to ensure strong, robust markets for the increased supply of compost made from kerbside food and garden waste. The OMD grants funded 38 projects which demonstrated the benefits of compost in a wide range of settings including agriculture, horticulture, on sporting fields, in mine and roadside rehabilitation, and urban amenity. Using compost delivers a higher order use for food and organic waste and keeps it from going to landfill, resulting in long-term circular outcomes.

Program aims

  • ensure strong markets for the increased supply of compost from kerbside food and garden waste
  • increase knowledge and awareness of the benefits of compost
  • assist in the development of new and innovative markets for compost made from recycled organics


Cool Compost is a living resource that will continue to be built upon.

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