Business and government recycling

The EPA works with businesses and government to improve to recycling and reduce our impact on the environment.  EPA support including tools, programs and services, and funding for infrastructure to make it easier for businesses and communities to recycle more and send less waste to landfill.

Bin Trim Program

The EPA’s Bin Trim Program helps businesses quickly find ways of cutting waste and boosting profits.

Circulate, NSW EPA Industrial Ecology Program

Circulate funds facilitators to work with organisations across NSW to improve their environmental practices. By using the by-products of other companies or industries, organisations can reduce costs and the amount or waste going to landfill.

Recycling organics at work

  • Recycling organics is an easy way for businesses to reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal.  
  • Donate surplus food instead of discarding it, to benefit your business, the community and the environment.

Waste grants and funding to boost recycling

Waste Less, Recycle More grants and funding aim to accelerate and stimulate investment in recycling infrastructure and equipment, to increase NSW's capacity to process and recycle waste. 

Tools, directories and guidelines

The EPA provides innovative tools, directories, and guidelines on recycling systems to assist business and government.

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