Tackling production waste

Read how this business implemented a circular economy approach to tackle their production waste.

Ant Packaging  

Located in the beautiful Northern Rivers, Ant Packaging has been making plastic bottles for more than 20 years. This is a plastic injection moulding business that produces plastic products, some made from 100% recycled materials. The business aims to increase the recycled content of their materials from 35% to 50% in the coming years. Previously, all plastic offcuts from the production line had been sent to landfill.

shredded paper used for packaging material

How Bin Trim helped

A Bin Trim assessor visited the business and made a free waste assessment. The assessor estimated the volumes of material in the site bins and provided an action plan.

The assessor recommended using granulator to allow plastic offcuts to be re-processed back into the production line, contributing to future products. The factory layout was also redesigned to make the process more efficient. A Bin Trim rebate of $25,500 covered 50% of the new  equipment cost.

“The Bin Trim Rebate is an opportunity to take a waste stream and turn it into something useful.” said John Clark, managing director.



The business has significantly reduced the volume of waste generation, improving their sustainability efforts and supporting a more circular economy model. 

The numbers

  • Bin Trim rebate: $25,500
  • new equipment: Granulator and outfeed screw loader
  • significant reduction in waste management costs
  • approximately 26 tonnes of waste diverted away from landfill annually

The benefits

  • less waste going to landfill
  • saving approximately $4,000 on waste bills annually
  • reduced need for virgin materials
  • company improves sustainability