Organics Infrastructure (large and small) Program

Program snapshot

Category: Organics Infrastructure Fund

Amounts: Total of $6.25 million; individual grants of up to $2 million.

Eligible bodies: business, NSW councils, groups of NSW councils, other local government-controlled organisations and organisations upgrading the five AWT facilities eligible for waste levy exemption.

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Status: Round 9 is open. Applications close 21 October 2021.

Managed by: NSW Environmental Trust.


The Waste Less, Recycle More Organics Infrastructure (Large and Small) Program (2013-21) provided $57 million over nine years to fund infrastructure and equipment to reduce food and garden organics waste going to landfill. Previous rounds have allocated $46.6 million to 99 projects, with 3.5 million available this round.

An additional $3.75 million has been made available to support organisations impacted by the Mixed Waste Organics Outputs decision. The first round of this funding allocated $1 million to one project, with $2.75 million available this round.

Only stream 1 – Organics Processing Infrastructure is available this round.

The NSW EPA intends to apply to the Commonwealth Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund  for matched funding for eligible projects through this round. The Commonwealth Government’s $57 million Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund will support infrastructure upgrades and developments to support the diversion of organic waste from landfill and the production of recycled organic products for use on agricultural soils. 

How to apply

Guidelines are available from the Environmental Trust website.

Stream 1: Organics Processing Infrastructure

Provides funding for new and enhanced infrastructure to process food, garden or combined food and garden organics from households and/or businesses. 

Previous funding streams

Stream 2: Business Organics Recycling – not available this round

Provides funding for onsite processing or pre-processing equipment. 

Stream 3: Food Donation Infrastructure – not available this round

Provides funding for infrastructure to facilitate the collection and redistribution of edible food waste from businesses to people in need, such as fridges, freezers, refrigerated vans and storage equipment like forklifts.

More information about food donation grants.

Stream 4: Product Quality – not available this round

Provides funding for equipment to improve the quality of recycled organics products to support access to new markets.

Stream 5: Transfer Stations – not available this round

Provides funding for the capital costs relating to infrastructure and equipment to establish new or upgrade existing transfer stations so that they can also be used as transfer stations for food (or food and garden) organics. 

Past recipients

Round 8

Round 8 allocated $1 million across the following stream.

Round 7

Round 7 allocated $8,901,450 to 18 projects across the following three streams:

Round 6

Round 6 allocated $9,864,640 to 17 projects across the following three streams:

Round 5

Round 5 allocated $5,214,055 to 15 projects across the following three streams:

Round 4

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1

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