Joint Procurement Funded Support

This grant provides tailored advice and help to groups of councils to explore and undertake joint procurement of domestic waste management services.

Program snapshot

Grant Fund: Joint Procurement Funded Support

Amounts: Applicants will be able to access up to $500,000 per project through 2 funding streams to support both the planning and sourcing phases of waste management service procurement.

  • Stream 1:  Plan – grants up to $250,000
  • Stream 2: Source – grants up to $500,000

Example: A group of councils are awarded $100,000 in Stream 1. The group may then apply for up to $400,000 in Stream 2 for a combined total of up to $500,000.

Eligible organisations: NSW Local councils, regional groups of councils and Joint Organisations of Councils

Status: Grants are ongoing (there are no rounds) until 2027 or until funding is exhausted.

Managed by: NSW Environment Protection Authority


Note: This is a new program, and it will be monitored and evaluated to inform future program design.

We encourage applicants to get in touch with the joint procurement team to discuss their project in advance of applying.


The NSW Environment Protection Authority Joint Procurement Funded Support enables NSW groups of councils to apply for to up to $500,000 of tailored advice and assistance to jointly procure waste management services. 


The objectives of the Joint Procurement Funded Support are to:

  • support councils to access the best advice and help to be confident in their procurement decisions
  • facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnerships to help councils strategically plan for waste infrastructure and services
  • support groups of councils to procure cost effective waste management services
  • promote alignment between councils to procure waste services that meet their needs.


Applications are to be submitted via our SmartyGrants platform.

See the help guide for applying with SmartyGrants.

Guidelines for applicants

Eligible applicants

Funded support is available to the following eligible organisations:

  • all NSW councils*
  • Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs)
  • Regional Waste Groups
  • Joint Organisations (JOs)
  • Voluntary Regional Waste Groups

* NSW councils remain eligible if they partner with councils outside of NSW.

Eligible projects

To be eligible for funded support applications must:

be exploring the joint procurement of domestic waste management services (Stream 1)


be jointly procuring one or a combination of the following (Stream 2):

1. New domestic waste management facility or facilities including:

  • Transfer station, disposal, processing, reprocessing and/or remanufacturing facility

2.  Domestic waste management services including:

  • Processing, treatment or disposal of residual waste
  • Processing, reprocessing and/or remanufacturing of recyclables and/or organics  
  • Processing, reprocessing, remanufacturing, reuse and/or disposal of bulky waste 

3. Domestic waste collection including

  • Collection/haulage of residual waste, recycling, organics and/or bulky waste.

What can be funded

Funded Support has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to be able to respond to the wide variety of activities required to jointly procure waste management services. NSW councils and regional waste groups are able to apply for funding through 2 streams to support waste management service procurement.

Stream 1 - Plan
up to $250,000

Stream 2 - Source
up to $500,000

To support council/s* exploring joint procurement of waste management service/s

To support groups (two or more) of councils undertaking joint procurement of waste management service/s

Funding will be provided for activities to assess the viability of the joint procurement of waste management service/s.


These include but are not limited to:

  • exploring partnership opportunities with councils
  • analysis and alignment of procurement objectives
  • market analysis and technological scans
  • collation and analysis of data
  • development of a business case or feasibility study
  • commercial advice
  • identifying suitable land
  • assessment of procurement options

Funding will be provided to support groups of councils who have committed** to undertaking joint procurement of waste management service/s.


This may include but is not limited to:

  • supporting the ACCC approval process
  • market sounding or Expressions of Interest
  • project management support
  • probity advice
  • governance advice
  • legal advice
  • the development of tender documents
  • tender evaluation and negotiation

* Single councils or groups of councils may apply for Stream 1 (groups of councils may apply without a formal commitment from partner councils) 

** Commitment to a joint procurement may be via a memorandum of understanding (MOU), council minutes or letter etc.


  • Applicants may apply for both Stream 1 and Stream 2 at any time.
  • Applicants  can apply for funding for more than one project.
  • A project is defined as exploring and/or undertaking the procurement of domestic waste management services to achieve a specific outcome.

What cannot be funded

The program cannot be used to fund the following:

  1. project costs already incurred prior to the date of signing the funding deed
  2. projects that have received funding from Federal or any State Government agencies for the procurement of waste services
  3. procurement of equipment or small infrastructure including bins and caddies and education
  4. any costs associated with current waste management services (including contract management cost).

Funded Support is contestable, applications will undergo an eligibility assessment before being reviewed by an independent Technical Review Committee (TRC) using the criteria set out below. Applications recommended for support are at the discretion of the TRC. The EPA Joint Procurement Team is available to help applicants with their application. Please email us on

Assessment criteria








Project meets the Funded Support eligibility criteria





Alignment with the Funded Support objectives




Demonstrates clear joint procurement objectives across council partners (see notes below on joint procurement objectives)   X

Project planning

High level project plan 




How the project addresses a knowledge gap or assesses the viability of a joint procurement activity.



Demonstrate sound project management



Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Demonstrate working with other councils




Opportunities for knowledge sharing



Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Through the Funded Support, the NSW EPA are seeking to foster strong partnerships between councils and with the EPA. To help drive this outcome, successful applicants will be encouraged to demonstrate collaboration and opportunities to share learnings.

Types of collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities may include:

  • the EPA being included in project meetings to help build capacity and understanding of the waste service needs to help inform policy
  • non-confidential outputs being shared with council stakeholders and/or converted into guidance material such as templates, case studies or fact sheets.
  • opportunities to share project learnings at conferences and events.

Joint procurement objectives

For joint procurement to be successful, all participating councils should have a common vision and objectives.  To help drive this alignment joint procurement objectives may include:

  • value for money
  • improved environmental outcomes
  • service harmonisation
  • meets needs of the region
  • economy of scale
  • optimising transport/collection routes.

Successful applicants

We aim to notify successful applicants within 6 weeks of receiving an application.

The below table outlines the requirements for successful applicants for Stream 1 and 2:


Stream 1 - Plan

Stream 2 - Source

Inception meeting

Successful applicants will be required to attend an inception meeting

Successful applicants will be required to attend an inception meeting

Project Plan


Successful applicants will be required to submit a Project Plan via SmartyGrants to document the expectations of all parties in relation to project delivery, communication, support and collaboration

Funding Deed

Successful applicants will be required to sign and return a Funding Deed confirming commitment to comply with the conditions of funding

Successful applicants will be required to sign and return a Funding Deed confirming commitment to comply with the conditions of funding

*Should groups of councils significantly change throughout the life of a joint procurement project the EPA may revaluate funding.

Activity reporting is to be completed in line with the below table (or as agreed):


Project completion

Expected information






Signed project plan and/or funding deed returned to the EPA





Mid project activity report





Final activity report



Copy of all funded outputs (where possible)