Organics funding

The NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 (WaSM) aims to reduce the amount of organics waste in landfill. It also supports the NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan Stage 1 goal for net zero emissions from food, garden and textile waste landfilled from 2030.

The WaSM includes a $65 million allocation to support the transition to source separation of food and garden organics and $4 million to increase food donation.

Current funding programs

  • Go FOGO provides funding for councils to roll out new weekly FOGO kerbside collection services 
  • Scrap Together provides funding to support councils to roll out the Scrap Together Campaign.

Past funding programs

The following grant programs were provided under Waste Less Recycle More and have now ended.

  • Organics Collections provides funding for new or enhanced kerbside collection services for food and garden organics waste.
  • Organics Infrastructure (Large and Small) Program supports new and enhanced infrastructure and on-site processing for organic waste, food donation projects and council run home composting programs.
  • Love Food Hate Waste Education supports programs to raise awareness of food waste and help NSW households and businesses reduce the amount of wasted food sent to landfill.
  • Food Donation Education provides funding for awareness-raising and other education activities to increase the volume of surplus food being donated for redistribution to people in need.
  • Organics Market Development grants for projects that develop new markets or expand existing markets for recycled organics.

Organics Infrastructure Fund videos

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Some grant programs are delivered through a partnership between the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and NSW Environmental Trust.

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