State of the Environment 2009

Pdf version

Preliminaries (09716prelims.pdf, 1,043kb)

1: People and the Environment (09716pplenv.pdf, 3,524kb)

2: Climate Change (09716climate.pdf, 2,483kb)

3: Human Settlement (09716humansettle.pdf, 4,176kb)

4: Atmosphere (09716atmos.pdf, 2,447kb)

5: Land (09716land.pdf, 2,279kb)

6: Water (09716water.pdf, 5,199kb)

7: Biodiversity (09716biodiv.pdf, 5,820kb)

Appendices (09716appends.pdf, 803kb)

Acronyms, Units and Glossary (09716acrgloss.pdf, 709kb)

Index (09716index.pdf 2,268kb)

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