State of the Environment 2021

Prepared every three years, the NSW State of the Environment (SoE) reports on the status of key environmental issues facing New South Wales.

The full text of SoE 2021 is publicly available on the SoE website.

Selected summary content was extracted from the website and tabled in NSW Parliament as a more concise report, which is available in PDF:

To access the full report, please visit the SoE website, navigating to the 2021 tab for each topic. The website includes interactive functionality, online linkages and supplementary resources.

Themes and topics

SoE 2021 is structured around six broad themes and 22 separate topics within those themes.

This report introduces:

All NSW SoE reports rely on extensive contributions from many NSW Government departments and agencies, including the EPA. Data and information are appraised and validated by these agencies through an extensive review process. Independent experts also provide a range of perspectives, additions and helpful advice.